About the Social Business Index app

Why this app?

At a macro level, the digital and social transformation is well under way. All companies are faced with the need to adapt their processes, culture and technologies to the challenges of rapidly evolving markets. Understanding where your company stands on this overall path to transformation is crucial but often difficult. With the Social Business Index app, you can receive a nearly instantaneous check of your company's readiness to embrace the change.

How it works

All you have to do is open the app and answer 48 quick questions. You are asked to give your answers on a 5-point scale, covering multiple issues that take a snapshot of external and internal factors, which are central to the transformation process.

Answering options

The app aims to provide a comprehensive view of your company's readiness to go social. If you have a a global knowledge of your organization and its main internal and external activities, go for it alone; otherwise, you might wish to answer the questionnaire with help from some colleagues, using this opportunity to align and share opinions on a matter of decisive importance.


The variables in the Index are derived from the Social Business Toolkit, whose content is the basis for the app's algorithm. They refer to all the main actions that organizations can take to implement the social and digital transformation successfully.


In just a few minutes, you will get a precise index value and an initial assessment of your company's performance. Sub-indexes related to the 4 main areas of Understanding, Planning, Execution and Governance will also be provided, offering a preliminary broad appraisal of how your company is handling the transformation.


The Social Business Index app gathers data from all users who answer its questionnaire. Those data are processed by industry and the average results, with the database growing larger, offer increasingly reliable and meaningful benchmarks.

PDF document

All users giving their name and email address will receive a PDF detailing the general index for their company, the sub-indexes, the scores for all questions, and a synthetic evaluation of their organization's performance on the road to social and digital transformation.